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tv   [untitled]    November 6, 2010 9:30pm-10:00pm PST

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give them to you. she is very strict. [excited chatter] ♪
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captioned by the national captioning institute >> let me make our traditional announcement. cell phone and pagers are forbidden during this meeting. in order to facilitate an orderly meeting, we ask you to fill out a blue card if you lik. >> please address your comments to commissioners during public comment. staff will not respond to any questions under public comment. the commission may ask questions of staff after public comment. commissioner, did you want to
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announce that we're moving forward with the report? >> the general managers' report is being moved forward to the end of the agenda for the convenience of making the business come first. >> we are now on item number two, which is the president's report. >> it was a pleasure to see full page pictures of civic center plaza packed with thousands of people. the chair acknowledges the phenomenal year of the giants and the phenomenal response of the public and the ability of the parks and recreation department to supply public space to celebrate that for a change. i want to congratulate the department as well. i was out at harding park participating in two of them.
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the first of them was an event that helps children from underserved neighborhoods to participate in an educational program around golf. i had a chance to be out there yesterday and i heard from professionals as well as their families as to how much they appreciate the condition of the course and the hospitality of the city. that concludes my report. commissioner harris, i would like him to weigh in on an event yesterday. >> it is such a beautiful day out here for a press conference. it was a beautiful award from the pga for sandy, who was the spark plug--- that got the
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renovation of harding part going. he had laryngitis and could not speak. he would be talking about the benefits and how lucky it san francisco is to have a beautiful golf course and has come a long way. it is a beautiful day. they mentioned the great value from the program. thank you. >> before i conclude by report, on saturday, the neighbor park council has the community of kent at the county building at golden gate park. the public was invited. we spent two hours listening to the public observations, concerns, complement's, criticisms, areas where we can improve, etc.
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it was an lightning and informative and the beginning of what will be four of those events per year. it is the attitude of the commission that we continue to try to extend the outreach project. the public is not always convinced that that is the case. i can assure you that we are trying to do that. >> we have somebody that would like to speak on this. >> good afternoon, commissioners. i wanted to say thank-you to the president and the other commissioners that attended and make this town hall on the 30th of october. it was the day before halloween. a lot of people had activities
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that day. we want to extend our thanks to the it recreation and parks festival. we were overjoyed by the amount of response that we got. we want to thank the commission secretary for the comprehensive meeting. the town hall was well attended. we do know that not all community members could go to these meetings. we decided to continue our yearly tradition of having an annual survey. the 2010 park survey, we decided to combine our yearly survey with the town halls. we hope to put together all of the comments from the public and extend that to the greater community of san francisco. we developed a very comprehensive surveys looking at the budgets to rec centers.
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we feel like this will cover everything that we feel needs to be responded to. we in college -- encourage all part users and residents to complete our online survey. we have both a web version as well as a downloadable pdf. we could do some very specific about reach for those language groups. this will be compiled with the comments from town hall and given to the commission and the department as well. we look forward to presenting that report to the commission. >> thank you. >> is there any other public comment? the president's report?
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public comment is closed. we are now on item number four, which is public comment. members of the public may address the commission that are on -- under the jurisdiction of the commission, but do not appear on the agenda. we have ernestine, beula, and richard in that order. >> good afternoon, everyone. what a day yesterday was for the giants. never at in my life have i seen a ticker tape. . -- ticker-tape parade. i bring before you that the electrical equipment is still sitting in the park. i know that megan's tried hard
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to get it done. nothing is moving. i urege you a -- urge you all to put your best foot forward and get this done. it has been there since september 5. please get the electrical generators out. i do not want to look out my window and see them there one more day. thank you. >> i live inside the park. i am here to ask you -- this
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would suspend its three and a half million dollars to be part -- suspend $3.5 million to the park. with it gone, god sends us rain. i walked through the park this morning and it is perfectly beautiful and green. that's all it needs. why would you want to throw away money on a park when there are so many parks in town that need to be fixed? the park does not need your help. it is the builders that want your money. i just think it's very wrong for you to do this.
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it has taken a lot of time and i have spent 20 years on this and here i am still talking about the park. you will not pay attention to what you ought to do. the money that the builder's found, which was downtown money that they were not supposed to use, for acquisition of a park in a certain area. it needs no acquisition. you were throwing money at them and giving it away. >> thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners, general manager. i wanted to give you some feedback about the program at
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the civic center plaza, which i think is great. i worked across the street. i worked at the civic center. what is happening there is terrific. the world cup broadcast this summer. i do not know if i will give you credit for yesterday. i can remember back to when it was a homeless camp and all of the rest of it. the you have cleaned it and you have your parks and recreation sign over there letting them know who is running the show. i have been to these meetings knowing that you take a lot of criticism. i would like to express my appreciation. i do not know who is coming up with these ideas. i would like to encourage them to keep it going. >> let's reflect on some -- that
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somebody likes us. >> i want to talk about the transaction that is going to be taken up by the zoo people shortly. i looked at the hippo compound. in defense of animal people, the animal welfare people. i look at the accommodations. they want to put that breeding hippopotamus theire to 8,000 pounds. it is a big animal. in the compound, it is fairly
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small. it is more suitable for a small towel. that is what i want to try bring. if you had the calf, it would lead the family with a male and a female. they are trying to say that they would not have to put it over to the pond. you get that smaller calf that fits more to the accommodations and then you improve the accommodations. it was a beautiful day when i was there. the wind was blowing. that might be the part of a windbreaker.
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they talked about the size of an eldorado cadillac. that is all i wanted to bring in. >> thank you. >> is there anybody else who would like to speak under general public comment. general public content -- comment is closed. are there any items on the consent calendar. public comment is closed. >> it has been moved and seconded. opposed? it is unanimous. >> we are now on item six, which is the golden gate park mobile food vendor. would you like to go to number 7?
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is that marina green mobile food vendor? >> we are still on sex. >> we can go back to six. >> good afternoon, commissioners. i am here to present on golden gate park and marina green today. i would like to a knowledge the work of my colleagues. they do the yeoman share of the work. you are going to step right up and see their names on it.
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i would like to acknowledge the hard work they put into every one of these initiatives. this is a wonderful indian food that is slow cooked a hopi indian food. it is vegetables and beans. approximately 50% of their ingredients will be from a 200- mile radius. i should back up. this is a food cart initiative that takes place in golden gate park. we are putting this in golden gate park to provide amenities for park users. this is to replace wafflemania. they are serving as organic gues, slow-cooked food. they will have for its and
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vegetables that are seasonally available. there are three exceptionally well-known restaurants in the east bay. they have an exceptional knowledge in indian cooking. it has been acknowledged in national and local media. menu items will include traditional items like curries, chai tea, and bread. they have a tremendous green commitment in this endeavor. they have water measures that they have taken. they have converted the truck to biodiesel. they will aim at a trash conversion rate of 75%. they will also supply recycling
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containers to use with their customers. the food will be prepared by a famous chef. there will be dishes prepared on site. a number will be cooked on site, which will ensure the freshest possible experience. the hours will be 10:30 a.m. until 6:30 p.m. during the winter. during that it -- until 8:00 p.m. from the late spring to the summer hours. it is built from scratch including a 10 dora oven. -- tandora oven. wafflemania has chosen not to continue operations in that location any longer. if you approve the selection of
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this vendor, we will mature shi'a a competitive percentage and come back to you with that proposal. upon issuance of this, i do not want to be too redundant. we will be doing this in all of our other food cart notifications. we will be publishing it on the department website. all parties that have expressed interest in the program. and responding to verbal and written queries. the verbal media has published multiple articles about the food vendors in our state park. we informed the following individuals and organizations about the intent for placement
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in golden gate park. that is supervisor eric mar, the haight-ashbury improvement council, the merchants association, and cathy howard. this has received support from department staff. the convention and visitors bureau. >> is that seven days a week that they operate? >> that is correct. >> commissioner harris. >> i am on the page for the art reached. -- outreach. i see under opposition, none. in this city, there is always opposition. i would like to see some list of
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opposition from some folks regarding support or opposition to it. >> going forward, we will happily provide that for you. >> is there any public comment on this item? >> good afternoon, commissioners. cathy howard. thank you for your comments, commissioner. we have been opposed to food carts for eight months. the term cart, carts are cute little things. this is a truck. could we please stop using the word cart? these aren't carts.
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this is not temporary. it comes in the morning and leaves at night. this is not temporary. the temporary terminology is accessible on weekends. by this criteria, you could drive a tank down there at all times and it would be considered temporary. this is a long-term plan. because of that, we need a certificate of the upper pripet -- an appropriateness. we are interested in working with the department on a long- term plan. we think that you could do something nice back there including a parking lot and have it come up to the standard on the concourse. not just what i will call, and i apologize to the vendors, let's
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make it look good. let's make it look like everything else. that is about it. >> when you talk about appropriate use of land, do you see something permanent that is appropriate? what you see it as contemporary or however we classify it? >> of various plans went up over the years. one is to have a kiosk and have nice trees and planters. you could do something very attractive back there. as for the restaurant and the staff, i believe they are willing to move to another building. there are people parking back there that should not be. >> thank you. >> is there any other public
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comment on this item? public comment is closed. >> moved and seconded. i am sympathetic to the comment about a long-term plan in that area. i am not prejudging whether it is right or wrong. i would like to send that to staff as an idea and see if we can promote some discussion on it. >> i wanted a little bit of that. we have a spectacular place there. bringing trucks or trailers in and out of there, and leaving them there, especially when it
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is on necessary. if we could have something more aesthetically pleasing, that would be the way to go. >> mr. ginsberg. >> we are all in agreement on the section of golden gate park plan. the proposal for behind here. it is a very exciting and costly plan. we are thinking about ways we could make that happen. >> it has been moved and seconded. >> item #7. >> i would like to acknowledge the worke on the proposal for te marina green location. the commissioner approved the
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twirl and dip in golden gate park. they are to be there 60% of the time. we are proposing that they spend the other 50% of their time at marina green. they will continue to operate with flavors of soft serve ice- cream in cones and cups. they will be using seasonal, organic local products. they will use organic local suppliers for their products. it is an innovative product, it is an exciting product. as i just noted, we are proposing to operate at marina green at tuesday's through sundays. it is directly off of marina boulevard.
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the financial projections are $6,000 for 16% of the time. they will bring a minimal annual guarantee of $16,000. we will negotiate a percentage annual rent. it is important to note that all revenue generated will go directly back to the marina green. this is something that is exciting for folks in the marina down there. upon issuance of the rsp, we went through all of the following channels and applications. these are the articles on our intention to place food. we also have the following
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community meeting which took place on september 28. i will not read these with all of the folks of the people that communicated with this. they are having a meeting to talk about food trucks. this is in the harbor master's office. the meeting was attended by 15 people. he was originally scheduled to be down there. we were treated to a really delicious meal, which was nice for a change. at the time, the community expressed to us concerns about having a truck down there. we had a plan


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